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Nairnshire Dragons gude to the game

1. 5 Man American Football is played on a 50 by 25 yard field between two teams of 5 players with two 15 minute halves

2. The aim of the game is to move the ball forward into the opponents endzone to score a touchdown which is worth 6 points

3. the offence has 4 chances or downs to move the ball to half way then they get four more downs to score. if the offence fails to cross half way or score the ball gets turned over.

4. to score a touchdown the offence/defence must pass or run the ball into the oppenents endzone.

5. After a Touchdown the offence can score extra points.

- to score one extra point the offence has to pass the ball into the endzone from the 5 yard line

- to score two extra ponts the offence can pass or run the ball into the endzone from the 12 yard line.

6. the defence can also turn over the ball by intercepting a pass or recovering a loose ball caused by a fumble